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Are Macs Better than A PC?

Are Macs better than a PC? Below are some reasons why I think that they are. Of course, it’s your own preference..but Macs are better.

Macs make people happier – Simple

There is nothing worse that sitting for about 20 minutes at the start of each day just waiting for your PC to start up. No one has the time, nor the patience for all those annoying updates that take forever and then restart your computer all over again.

Macs do not do this. You press the button, and you get comfortable in your, of course, well suited computer chair, and you are ready to go.

This is always a good start to the day instead of being annoyed about and stressed waiting for your computer to start. Internet stress is something we’ve all suffered from time to time, but adding on a slow starting computer to that is just unnecessary.

Useful software comes pre-downloaded

A mistake that many people have fallen victim too, is thinking that Microsoft office is part of Windows. It isn’t. And there is a nasty surprise bill for you once you realise you need to pay extra for all the added software.

With macs, all the things you need are already there for you. It comes with the handy iLife built in, which comes with a photo and video editor, and software that also allows you to make music along with a well to do email client and access to the iWork online applications.

No Security Annoyances

It is a proven fact now that Mac owner who has no security software whatsoever runs less of a risk of being infected by a spyware or a virus than that of a windows user who is borderline obsessive of protecting their PC. Isn’t that a reason in itself why Macs are better?

PC owners need to be more protective of their computers as they are more prone to getting viruses even if they use all the highest security software’s of the day. Just ask yourself; is it really worth loosing all my work because of a virus?

Better Stability

Macs do crash from time to time, I’m not going to lie to you, and anyone that says that they don’t, even the annoying folk who work in the apple stores, are liars.

But in actual fact, the tightly controlled Unix-based operating system is so much more capable when it comes to isolating and fixing and terminating the problematic applications than Windows.

Good Quality Parts

Macs are not the cheapest computers to buy, but you get absolute value for your money. If you buy a cheap computer, you can’t really complain if it’s going to be breaking and crashing and getting viruses all the time. Spend a little more to get the minimal amount of hassle.

Apple use the best quality parts for their computers. The fit and finish of the macs don’t generally bend and creak like the plastic panels on many PC laptops. The keyboards are high quality and the mouse pads are always very responsive.

Are Macs better than a PC?

are macs better than a pc

Basically, Macs are the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to computers. Working in a web design Glasgow agency, we all use Macs..

(except one of our coders who is reluctant to let go of his PC..we’re trying to convert him and he gets teased about it on a daily basis..),

..and we rarely ever have problems. They’re fast, easy, and most importantly, they work. And that’s all you need in a computer.

I go by the saying, ‘computers don’t make mistakes, humans make mistakes’, but this generally only makes sense when talking about Mac computers. PC’s, in my opinion, are useless and cause unnecessary stress these days. Make the leap and upgrade. It’s worth it.


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