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Custom Wall Planners

Keeping ontop of all your meetings and important dates in your business has never been easier. We design custom wall planners that you can hang up and add things too whenever you need.

Many people still prefer to have things physically written down and there for them to see whenever they need, so having a wall planner in the office is perfect. This also gives everyone else in the office access to all the information supplied on said planner.

Web Design Glasgow – Professional, Friendly and Efficient

At Web Designers Glasgow, we can design you a custom wall planner, with your own logo, images and text added to them. You can have one for you own office, but it also makes for a perfect gift to send out to your clients and suppliers. They are perfect for all different types of business’, and having them personalised to the specific companies is a nice touch.

Custom Wall Planners

Perfect for Christmas

You can send these out to your customers and suppliers along with a custom Christmas card that we can also design for you. Let your clients know that you are thinking of them, and care for them this Christmas. Keeping up your name with them is so important and this is the perfect way to do that.

Here is an example of one of the planners that we have previously designed for a client. As you can see it is customised with the company colours and logo. It looks very professional and would look great hanging up in the office.

Custom Wall Planners

Web Designers Glasgow have specialist graphic designers; they can make your planners look professional. They are printed on large A1 sheets with a glossy finish, perfect to write on whilst still looking beautiful. You will  be very impressed by the look of them, and your clients will be too when you gift them with one.

These custom wall planners are only £3.20 a planner!


Please ensure all artwork approvals no later than 2nd December 2015 for your wall planners.


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