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Bespoke Registration System

Project Description

We created a fully custom online system for the Scottish Youth Football Association. We have enjoyed being involved with our client now since 2008. This is a very important website admin system that the Football Association use daily to run the association from. The system contains all the clubs, leagues and region data for all officials in Scotland. The SYFA is part of the SFA within Scotland and UEFA European wide, they are based at Hampden Park in Glasgow.

syfa_website_design_glasgow_iphoneOver the years the SYFA system has grown and developed into the system it is today. Just having a full re-brand at the end of 2015, the new design of the frontend is a much more modern feel from the initial system we made live back in 2009. The new system behind the scenes works just as hard as ever to include all tournaments and friendlies both in Scotland, England and across Europe.

The system created means the Football Association went to a paperless system replacing 1000′s of annual paperwork that was causing our client a storage headache as well as a manual labour issue. Going online stopped a lot of this issues, saved the company a fortune in postage costs by moving over to the online system that now deals with everything mainly via email.

2015 saw online payments being added to the registration system which now streamlines the system even more for our client that ever before. The new frontend design works well now for mobile and tablet viewing, bringing the client’s latest round of updates to meet todays web standards.

Our system auto creates pdf files on the fly, that are filled with the applications details, offering cutting edge merging with the live website. The client has a build emailing system that lets them send out email newsletters to over 20,000 club, league and region officials from the system. This is important for tracking and alerting officials to any important news that needs pushed out to them quickly, via the build in custom email templates we have created for them to use.

This site is as massive behind the scenes as it is at the frontend. The admin includes all the daily tasks needing to be checked and approved by the staff in the to do lists. System is controlled via the admin panel and there is an intense reporting section that lets our client run important data reports covering clubs, leagues, regions, community clubs, players, tournaments, friendlies and financial updates.

syfa_website_design_glasgow_ipadFor a system so large and robust, with so many users, we had to put together a special plan for the correct hosting solution and security of the website. This was all taken care of by our team and as you can imagine with such a system, there is a requirement for a maintenance contract in place to support the client and system all year round!

In 2016 we will be moving forward with a new training side of the website, were the officials of clubs, leagues and community clubs can complete their online training tests. The system will give users instance results on if they have failed or passed the test, and then submit the correct documentation to either parties and record the results within the system for future reference.






This was the first website we created back in 2009 for our client.















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Type: Custom PHP & MYSQL
Client: SYFA
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