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Responsive Web Design

Computers are not the only piece of hardware with access to an Internet browser anymore; laptops, smartphones, tablets and even game consoles have Internet access these days. Phones used to be massive, then they got really tiny, and now they’re getting bigger and bigger again. Or at least the screen is!

And that is where Responsive Web Design comes in. Your website might look amazing and sophisticated on a desktop computer, but then on your smartphone it’s asking for you to zoom in 200% and the pictures and menu is all over the place, causing it to look unattractive and unappealing.   Personally, if this is the case for me, I would just leave the page.

The development of technology has given the user a higher expectation of mobile browsing. Now, we expect to be able to browse the web on a mobile device as easily as we can on a desktop. But many people don’t realise that there are things web designers have to do to make this possible, they think that their smartphones are..well..smart!

Web Designers decided to start making mobile versions of their websites, so that no matter what device the viewer is using, it will always look amazing!

It’s not just small screens either, bigger computer screens with higher resolutions are getting much more popular and some non-responsive websites aren’t taking the full advantage of this. Images may look stretched and the words may be spaced out all wrong. Some browsers even cut out space at either side of the monitor to fit the website in, but what’s the point in having a huge monitor if what you’re looking at on it is shrunk? Exactly, their is no point. The solution to this is, again, Responsive Web Design. 

Responsive Web Design

Although, you cannot simply shrink your website. When designing a mobile website, everything has to be in equal/relative measurements. The smallest inaccuracies are the most aggravating, like if a picture is out of line or the text in a box doesn’t entirely fit. For your website to be mobile friendly, it has to be easy to see on the smaller screen, no zooming or scrolling sideways. Luckily, we have an eye for making your website look just as good on a smaller screen.  Being a perfectionist has its benefits when working in web design.

Loads of people, myself included, prefer using hand held devices such as smartphones and tablets to a desktop or a laptop. Personally I do all of my online shopping right from my phone, so having a website that is responsive would surely better your business and attract more customers.

Web Designers Glasgow is a very reliable company with highly trained specialists in web design. We can help you make your website responsive on all the different devices such as iPhone (from 4 to 6s!), iPad’s, android’s and more!

Do not hesitate to get in touch today for your free quote or for a chat about what we can do to help you out!

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