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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO Glasgow)

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short is basically the art of making a website rise to the top of search engines. When websites are on the front pages of search engines they will get far more visitors and potential customers. Google and other search engines are basically just dumb robots that visit your website. From that visit they have to have an understanding of what your company does.

There are various forms of search engine optimisation. Over the years the SEO check list for websites are getting bigger and bigger. Now we have social media, local business listings, blogs and much more. Gone are the good old days of stuffing pages full of keywords on your website and you would rise to the top.

There are lots of defining factors involved in moving a website up to the top of Google and other search engines. It’s a fine art that can’t be learned over night. If you don’t know what your doing you could easily loose positions or even get your website penalised.

Does Social Media help my Search Engine Rankings?

The short answer is that every little helps. Google and all major search engine now crawl all social media websites and spiders the content. We understand that social media isn’t for everyone but when used well it can be very effective.

There are certain techniques that we use on social media websites that can gain your website positions in the search engine results pages or SERPS for short. If you can invest the time into social media then this can greatly benefit your business. Things wont happen overnight and it can be very time intensive.

How can Search Engine Optimisation help my Local Business?

seo glasgow

Many companies in Glasgow are using search engine optimisation specialists to gain business. It’s a fact that when you optimise a website well you will gain business. If your website is performing well for your chosen search phrases then you will get far more visitors to your website that are looking for the products or services that you offer. This is why many companies are doing SEO Glasgow.

What is Google Analytics?

Google analytics is tracking software that analyses your website. We place tracking code on your website which will give you access all sorts of information. Using Google analytics we can monitor your website visitors.

We can tell
• Where your website visitors are coming from.
• Where about in the world they are.
• What time they visited your website.
• What they typed in a search engine to find your website.
• Where about on the internet they clicked through from.
• Monitor the number of visitors that land on your website.

This is only a short list of the information that we can extract from Google Analytics.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is paid for advertising to get your website to the front pages of Google without the art of SEO. With Google adverting you basically bid for keywords and it works on a Pay Per Click matrix or PPC for short. Some people can pay big money per click. With AdWords you basically set an advertising budget per day / month. You can set your click rates and how much you want to pay per click.

The price of clicks can vary throughout the day / seasons. For example it would be far much more money per click when it comes to Halloween and there are various fancy dress companies bidding for clicks. When your daily budget has been used your website will vanish from Google.

Hence there is a massive argument for organic search engine optimisation against Google pay per click. With organic search engine optimisation your website doesn’t disappear when your daily budget is gone. So, with organic search engine optimisation, over time you should technically receive far more exposure.

SEO Glasgow

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