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The media majorly runs the world we live in today. It has allowed us to see and communicate all over the world and is growing at a rapid pace.

The Internet has expanded causing social media to be a part of almost every single one of our lives. Social media provides us with entertainment, education, and is the number one way to advertise, to spread the word and get your business known out there!


These little clever inventions are imperative! You can hashtag any clump of words that you think are relevant to your tweet or your business, then when you click on the highlighted link, all other tweets with the same hashtag will appear before your eyes. It’s highly techy techy but IT WORKS.

It used to be a twitter thing only, but as everyone realised how effective it was and jumped on the virtual hashtag bandwagon. You can now hashtag on most forms of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and google+.

TIPS — #pleasehashtagwithcare #dontoverdoit #seriously



I know what you’re thinking, but no, twitter is not only full of young girls trying to get a tweet from Harry Styles (although there is no harm in trying..).

Twitter is also a great way to advertise your product or your business. Being limited to only 140 characters may seem a bit stingy, but it also means you need to practise getting your point across and use key words to catch the twiglets eyes.

We’re all lay these days, we don’t like to be made to look far for things, this is why twitter is great as you can easily add pictures and link back to your website in your tweet. Everything is right there, quick and easy.


Everyone and their Grannies have a Facebook these days. It’s a bit like an old t-shirt that is faded, has holes in it and doesn’t quite fit anymore but you can’t bring yourself to throw away.

But you can use this to your advantage. You can have your friends and family share your company page to their friends and family and so on. Facebook is brilliant in getting the word spread about your company page.

Like twitter, you can link back your website right there on the post! Their isn’t much of a character limit on Facebook so you can put lots of information in one post, but not too much as no one likes a rambling post. Yawn.

It is still one of the most used social networking sites, although it is used a lot for advertising purposes now. And the odd funny cat video.


One of the huge benefits of social media is the fact that it is free! It costs nothing to send a tweet, or pin a photo, or post a Facebook status. You can write what you want (keeping it clean..) and promote your business or your product in the way you think will best benefit you.

However, if you do happen to have some spare cash you wish to spend on advertising, these channels offer advanced but inexpensive advertising programmes that you can use to target customers with demographic, a keyword, and interest-based campaigns.

Google Rankings

Where you sit on Google is so so so important. You don’t want to be on page 18 of Google because lets face it, people are lazy and normally click a link from the very first page. But how do you get there? Surely you have to pay someone along the way to get yourself sitting on the top spot? Right? Wrong!! It’s all about Search Engine Optimisation

By sharing your posts on social media, you are able to expand your audience. You can get more interested readers who may visit your website, like and share your post onto their own social media accounts with a link back to your domain. Google pay huge attention to social signals like these when they decide how to rank links on the results page.

Social media is so important in today’s world, it’s instant, it’s personal, it’s easy to use and it’s a perfect way to directly interact with potential customers. It’s also a great way to track your audience and *cough* your competitors *cough*.

Get out from under your rock and get your company involved in social media. I can guarantee that you will not regret it!
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